Terms of use for Crowdfunding project supporters

Now S.r. l. is a company founded in 2016 with the aim of managing a Crowdfunding portal called Go. Aim of Go is to give a chance to those who have a bright idea to find the resources to achieve it through the publication of the project on the portal. Anyone can decide to finance an initiative which it deems interesting or valid without incurring any cost.

Now offers the ability to support many different types of initiatives, whose conditions are significantly different from each other. The proponents must therefore verify exactly the proposals, the existence of rewards or considerations, the terms and conditions of the project planning support. Finally, all supporters are welcome to participate in the activities of the community, sharing ideas, considerations and comments on each proposed project.

All those who wish to fund a Crowdfunding project (hereafter referred to as Supporters) must agree to the following:

1. To support a project simply register on the portal using a valid e-mail address and a password. Then you will be guided through the procedure of financing and conclusion of the agreement with the author of the project. Necessary condition for registration to succeed is that you accept the Privacy policy of the portal.

2. The Supporter to donate – in the case of charitable work and charity or reservation/purchase – must accept these terms of use at every point.

3. The donation or reservation/purchase made by the user on the Go platform in support of a project is actually charged to your credit card or other electronic payment service used by you.

4. In case of All or nothing campaign, If at expiration determined the project succeeds, the amount reserved will be rotated within 30 days to the designer.

5. The solution envisaged – instead – simple donation, at expiration determined the sum donated by the proponent will always be charged and transferred within 30 days to the designer.

6. In the event of failure to achieve the expected goal in a project All or nothing, in 10 days after wrapping the rebate total amount on the card used to make a payment.

7. The threshold of individual users ' offers are fixed in euros 5,00 (minimum limit). You cannot place a bid of fractional amount.

8. Each user can make more than an offer in support of the same project or to support different projects.

9. The offer made by the user is merely a donation made in the case of support for charities and charity. While taking a cheap shop when they consider the reservation/purchase of goods and services of professional/commercial/economic initiatives. With it the user mature – in the first case – exclusively entitled to the reward promised by the designer in Exchange for donation. The reward is a well of low value identified by the designer. With this offer you do not acquire any ownership rights, or other right in rem or right of first refusal, the project that supports. Not even any rights of economic exploitation of sharing project that supports. Not even any intellectual property law, on the mark or patent or upon subsequent developments of the project into the future.

10. Do not create any contractual relationship between Now and the supporters, but only between supporters and authors of projects (The designer/s). Support economic activity – through the reservation and purchase of goods/services to business/professional/economic activities implies full and complete acceptance of the terms and conditions offered by the author of the Project, in the version in force at the time of acceptance of the payment.

11. Some forms of payments require the collection of information on the basis of anti-money laundering and the law. In such cases, the payment service manager is the Manager chosen by the Proponent, duly authorized to operate by supervisors. Now participates in the execution of the service, collecting data and documents required by the regulations in force and transmitting them to the handler, that is the only responsible for the execution of the service. In some cases, manage objections to the supporter of the boards. For the terms and conditions of payment services verify the provisions of the managers in their pages.

12. When the Proponent has accepted these terms and conditions of use, It is expected that everything was paid, is not refundable, If not with the request for a right of return to be exercised within 15 days from the signing of the commitment to pay.

13. It is the responsibility of the designer to extend the single Supporter cash receipt for your donation.

14. You can always close your user account by contacting the team Now asking for deletion.


Service contract for designers


Now S.r. l. is a company founded in 2016 with the aim of managing a Crowdfunding portal called Go. Unlike the other existing crowdfunding portals, Go differs to follow more closely the projects uploaded to the portal and to create a relationship of collaboration with designers, helping in the development and launch of various projects. In that regard, Now offers the service named Go Plus.

All those wishing to propose a Crowdfunding project (hereafter referred to as Designers) must agree to the following:

1. In order to propose a project, the designer must first register at the portal (by accessing the website www.avviamoci.com) by entering your details and obtaining a Username and Password. In order for the registration to succeed, You must provide correct and true data. The designer declares and guarantees that the author is an individual of legal age, capable of discernment and holds all powers necessary. To register you must accept the Privacy policy of the portal.

2. It is the responsibility of the designer store diligently their login credentials and make a backup of all content uploaded to the portal. For this reason the designer Now exempt from any responsibility in this regard (by way of example and not limited: for violation of credentials, for unauthorized access to your user profile, unauthorized extraction of data and information, for alteration of data or information, etc.).

3. In order to preserve the interests of all users, of the supporters and all other Designers, Now is entitled to keep the navigation log, in accordance with its Privacy Policy in force, and reserves the right to suspend or cancel an account in its discretion in case you accidentally abuse or violations of policies for use of the portal.

4. Once you have registered, the designer can enter your Project by clicking on the section dedicated. To create your own project every designer has to accept this service contract.

5. Go reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or replace any of the points of this agreement, and/or modify, suspend or discontinue the service at any time, prior publication of a notice on the website and send an email to each registered user. It is your responsibility to check the terms of use periodically. Your continued use of the service following the posting of any changes to the terms of use constitutes acceptance of those changes.

6. The Designer, by following the steps on the portal, charge autonomously all content (images, video, descriptions, Rewards, initiatives, testimonial ...) of your project. At this stage the designer may choose to employ a greater support and contact the team Go to receive advice on how to structure your project, choosing so service guaranteed to Go Plus.

7. In both cases, whether the designer choose the autonomous loading procedure whether it makes use of the advice to Go, before the final publication on the website, Go team validates that the uploaded content meets certain requirements of lawfulness, morality and economic and financial feasibility and whether it's material that is relevant to the project and descriptive of it. Such a filter operated by Now serves to ensure the highest level of seriousness and credibility of the projects on the portal.

8. The designer agrees to upload files and documents free of viruses, and anyway they are unsuited to compromise in any hardware or software to those who view or download. The designer also undertakes to only load images and/or videos which has valid rights of use or images and videos of free use that do not constitute infringement, verification and accountability Go from any exempting.

9. The designer States that the project is owned by him and that it does not constitute an act of unfair competition against third parties. The designer also undertakes not to publish data, News or information in any way likely to infringe third-party rights or interests illegally.

10. In no event will Now be held responsible for the malfunction of the service caused by failure of phone lines, electrical and/or other means of online transmission, which ones, Overload, interruptions and any cause not dependent on his behavior. In particular Now will not be liable for failure to perform its obligations arising from any cause beyond its control or predictable ball by force majeure.

11. Now is committed to maintaining the efficiency of the service offered; in the event that it were forced to interrupt the service for exceptional events or maintenance, Go will restore service as soon as possible to minimize the risk of disruption of all kinds.

12. Now can then prohibit certain projects loading on its Portal; This is done in case they are contrary to the law, morals, public order or morality, or are deemed by the team of Now projects with adequate seriousness, relevance or a concrete economic-financial feasibility. Now also undertakes to monitor the portal, the services, the contents, and the material submitted by users. Finally, reserves the right to remove or edit any content in its sole discretion, without limitations; and this at any time, without notice, for any reason.

13. No project can still offer to sell, leasing or donating goods, but it can only offer rewards, as we will see in the following paragraphs.

Are de facto prohibited projects that contain the following articles:

– drugs;

– gambling or betting;

– tobacco and cigarettes;

– weapons of all kinds and related accessories;

– sexual or pornographic products or services;

over-the-counter medications –;

– actions, bonds, currencies, financial instruments or securities of any kind;

– eligible products or services to violate the law or regulatory or administrative measures;

– hazardous products or services;

-products or services that infringe the intellectual property rights of others;

– goods or services whose distribution is subject to licensing or administrative authorisation of any kind.

14. Now provides for two forms of project implementation, that is All or nothing and simple donation. Also Now differentiates the projects in two different categories depending on whether their aim is directed to the creation of useful or beneficial to designers themselves (Business projects), or is directed to creating benefits for third parties or whether charitable or having a social purpose (Charity projects).

The designers at load time of the project should indicate in which of the two categories it fits (Business or Charity).

Once you upload the Project, Go team analyzes it and has the power to determine in its sole discretion if it belong to the Business or Charity, Since then also edit the category indicated by the designer loading.

15. Every Business projects must be characterized by the formula "All or nothing", While Charity projects can be made either through the All or nothing that through the simple Donation.

It is up to the designer during loading of the project choose which of the two formulas start your own Charity project.

16. The Designer gives Supporters of rewards in kind against the donation receipt, being able to modulate the kind of reward, up to a maximum equivalent to the value of the donation.

17. By signing this contract the Planner accepts that tenders in support of its Project, possibly made by users and actually paid only at the end of the fundraiser (and in the case of All or nothing formula only when reaching the goal), are collected using PayPal payment systems and Stripe.

18. If you have opted for the "All or nothing", the designer when you created the project should establish:

– The amount of funds that aims to gather to carry out the project;

– The length of time it intends to employ to collect these funds; the maximum allowed is 6 months, While the minimum is established in 30 days;

– The different odds that supporters can donate and that this will match, for supporters, a series of rewards, established by the designers themselves.

Once posted on your project on the portal, This data will no longer be editable in any way.

19. In the case of All or nothing, If the amount of funds raised is lower than that stipulated in project load phase, the designer is not entitled to any payment against him by Now.

20. If at the end the money collected is equal to or greater than that set out by the designer when you created the project, the designer has the right, within 30 days after the end of the collection, and after the supply of the necessary documentation by virtue of fraud and money laundering regulations (Know Your Customer – KYC rules), to the payment of sums collected, net of bank charges provided for, operating costs incurred by Now (8% in the case of Business and 6,5% in the case of Charity), VAT and withholding tax if due, the account specified when you created the project. Now consider the project if – after 15 days from the date of closure of fundraising – withdrawal statements below will occur 10%, manifested in the last two weeks of the campaign.

21. Only in solving All or nothing, If the project did not arrive at the goal, but he collected at least 70% It, being offered a bonus of additional time equal to 50% the period set forth herein.

Now – in this case – grants an extra-time-on the designer to achieve the goal.

22. In the case of simple Donation, the designer when you created the project should establish:

– The length of time it intends to employ to collect these funds; the maximum allowed is 6 months, While the minimum is established in 30 days;

– The different odds that supporters can donate and that this will match, for supporters, a series of rewards, established by the designers themselves.

Once posted on your project on the portal, This data will no longer be editable in any way.

23. In the case of simple Donation, at expiration the designer has always right, within 30 days after the end of the collection, and after the supply of the necessary documentation by virtue of fraud and money laundering regulations (Know Your Customer – KYC rules), to the payment of sums collected, net of bank charges provided for, operating costs incurred by Now (6,5%), VAT and withholding tax if due, the account specified when you created the project.

24. For projects All or nothing went to fruition (both belong to the Business and Charity) and always for Charity projects that have opted for the simple Donation, Avviamoci emetterà fattura quietanzata per un importo pari all’8% della cifra raccolta più IVA nel caso del Business e del 6,5% plus VAT in the case of Charity. Now it will also provide the designer with the list of Supporters who have gained the right to Reward with the data required to carry out the formalities required by the initiative and by law.

25. Payments from supporters are made through payment services managers regularly authorized on the basis of the rules in force; where there is more than one manage, the choice is up to the supporter.

26. The managers shall transfer the designer the amounts received net of their commissions to the payment service. Payment service providers shall directly and automatically to withhold the commissions payable by the Designer to Go and to transfer them directly to Go for and on behalf of the designer.

27. Now works with payment service providers only in gathering information and documents necessary for identification and required by anti money laundering legislation, but any responsibility regarding the management of payment services is exclusively of the managers themselves.

28. To use payment services is essential to provide the information and documents required by the operator and surmount the anti money laundering checks; among the documents to be provided to the Manager, using the format prepared by Now, include:

in. For individuals:

– Proof of residence not older than three months (e.g. a Bill, an invoice, a tax document, etc.);

– Evidence of a banking relationship (e.g. IBAN or banking correspondence indicating the account number);

– Proof of identity (identity card or passport);

b. For companies:

– A certificate of good standing, a title search of the commercial register or equivalent document;

– A description of the activity of the company;

– The European company with a declaration by the management body confirming that you are using the latest version in force of the Statute;

– Proof of identity and residence of the sole Director or the Chief Executive Officer, as expected for individuals;

c. For other organizations (Associations, Foundations, Trust, Entities. ..., etc.):

– A description of the Organization's activities;

– A copy of the memorandum;

– The tax code of the Organization, where is assigned;

– The status of the organization with a declaration by the management body confirming that you are using the latest version in force of the Statute;

– Proof of identity and residence of the legal representative, as expected for individuals.

29. Loading Project, the designer can choose the paid service

called Go Plus provided by Now. This service provides a personal and Designer support in the creation and implementation of the project by the team of professionals of Now and may consist of a consultation of various types depending on the specific needs of the designer. Go team can help the designer in various different areas: communication of the project on the portal (Description, creating videos), conception of Rewards, writing a business plan, tax assistance, corporate law, events Centre, Administration and accounting. Go Plus is possible only for projects characterised by an All or nothing and has a cost of the 5% of capital that the designer aims to collect. The designer is required to pay that amount in any case, Although the project does not reach that threshold and not go so successful, within 30 days after the end of the fundraiser, after invoice sent from Go to the designer.

Now Plus service is detailed in a professional mandate between the designer and Avvimoci, providing an amount expected of consulting hours, Depending on the size of the project and the areas above provided for.

By way of example :

– Objective ≤ 1.000,00 € = 2 consulting hours

– 1.000,00 € goal ≤ 5.000,00 € = 5 consulting hours

– 5.000,00 € goal ≤ 10.000,00 € = 10 consulting hours

– 10.000,00 € goal ≤ 50.000,00 € = 15 consulting hours

– Objective 50.000,00 € = 20 consulting hours

30. In the face of financial contributions issued by supporters, the designer can predict the rewards against them for the contributions they have paid to support the project.

31. Such rewards may consist of items or services of low value, still less than the value of the contributions received. In no event shall the rewards may consist of monies or goods or services.

32. The offering of Rewards from the Designer makes the crowdfunding subject to the discipline of modal donation, provided for in article. 793 of the civil code, Therefore, the designer acknowledges that it is required for the fulfillment of the burden, the delivery of Reward, within the limits of the subscription value for cash receipt.

33. The project must clearly state the type and quality of Rewards; to the extent you are clothing items should clearly indicate sizes and colors available.

34. The designer undertakes to provide quality Rewards Supporters not less than those represented and offers in your project, and however to respect all its commitments in the promises concerning the rewards.

35. The promise of rewards must not be deceptive, pretext, false or unrealistic. In case of limited pieces the designer must clearly indicate the quantities available. The designer must also specify if shipping a reward; in this way the supporters will be asked to enter the address you wish to be sent its own reward.

36. Unless otherwise clearly specified in the project, the developer agrees to submit promptly to the supporter's reward, or commerical Project deadlines.

37. Alternatively the rewards, the designer can offer via the purchase of future, or the provision of professional service/craft enterprises/initiative launched. The deployment and activation of the service depends on the collection of a number of orders, specifically indicated by the designer. To achieve that number of orders is therefore a condition of suspending the effectiveness of the offer.

38. Upon the occurrence of the condition precedent, the designer must proceed without delay to the implementation of the operations necessary in order that the goods or services promised came to existence.

39. The designer undertakes to use all monies collected through the project to the realization of its professional/commercial/economic activity/initiative.

40. Notwithstanding the provisions of art. 1472 of the civil code, the property to the fine proposed does not transfer to the supporter when it came to existence, but at the time it is delivered to the address indicated on the (that may be different from that of the designer or of Supporter).

Consequently, until delivery every risk over good rests with the Designer, not the Supporter.

41. Designer and Supporter acknowledge that the Platform Now represents only a tool linking the offer supplied by the Proponent and the project published by the designer and that therefore any kind of bond can be born between Now and the supporters as a result of the offer or between Now and the designers as a result of the publication of projects.

42. The designer who will receive the amount collected during the period of publication of draft on Now it will become exclusive owner. Will be borne by the tax regularisation of the amount received, related to its tax status and contributions. Once the credit of funds payable to the designer and pass data of supporters, the relationship between Now and the designer shall be deemed to have been definitively concluded.

43. Each compliance accountant, fiscal and administrative related subscriptions received are within the exclusive competence and responsibility of the designer, therefore shall promptly at Billings, in statements, certifications and anything else provided by law, in particular will be delivered to all tax receipts of donations from their Supporters made in favour of the draft.

44. Now undertakes to advertise on its website the project under conditions of equal treatment with the other projects who purchase the same class and type of service.

45. Go reserves the right to change, without notice, layout, graphics, dimensions, website colors and pages in which it is presented the project. Also reserves the right to enter, Add, change and still manage those spaces completely freely pages, by adding, levando, by overlaying information, communications, advertising, images, banners and any necessary content.

46. In respect of benefits received, In addition to the fees for various services, the designer allows Now free license, irrevocable and without any time limit for the use of its logo, its image, of their content and of each project page, including images and videos. This license can be used by Go for promotional purposes, educational, of study, analysis and may be extended to partners, collaborators, communication agencies, research institutes, at the sole discretion of Go. Where the aforementioned rights are owned by third parties, exclusive Designer will obtain the license transfer in favor of Go as provided in this paragraph.

47. The present contract is subject to Italian jurisdiction. The parties agree that any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of this agreement and any associated services will be submitted exclusively to the Court of Verona.


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