What is Avviamoci! ?

Avviamoci! is crowdfunding platform, reward-based, open to anyone who wants to create their own business or charity initiative. Share your own idea and turn it into something concrete, that through the network can attract attention and receive public support; Avviamoci! is this and much more. Especially wants to be a meeting point between those seeking to realize their goal and who is interested in supporting new ideas and dreams.

All this while ensuring the utmost respect for those who want to invest their resources, ensuring maximum reliability and transparency, without neglecting the rules with respect to the consumer.

The 20 September,,it,it launched the first project of Avviamoci,,it,This is an initiative which aims to revitalize the Chapter Library of Verona,,it,the oldest in the world among those in business,,it 2017 viene lanciato il primo progetto su Avviamoci. Si tratta di un’iniziativa che mira a rivitalizzare la Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona, la più antica al mondo fra quelle in attività. The Library is one of the most important parts of the cultural heritage that is the Verona Italian,,it,In fact it holds within it Verona's famous riddle,,it,witness to the passing of the language from Latin to the vernacular,,it, custodisce infatti al suo interno anche il famoso indovinello veronese, testimone del passaggio della lingua dal latino al volgare.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is that phenomenon which brings a multitude of individuals of many different categories to contribute their own resources to the realization of the idea of a single person. In the past there have been episodes of support from the public to the ideas of individual, but it's the advent of the web that the phenomenon has exploded, and still is booming. Crowdfunding is also proposed as an alternative to the financing of those activities that fail to find the resources to the traditional banking system, which can be also an advantage, Since so you don't have to bear the typical charges, which the interests.

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