How it works:

For designers

Avviamoci! aims to collect the efforts of designers and make them available to patrons. To start a crowdfunding for a project just to have an idea that could capture the public's interest and post it on our platform.

The projects differ depending on the mode of collection and purpose:


As a designer, you'll have the money raised only if the expiration date it will be at least equal to the objective.


At maturity you will come into possession of what collected regardless of achieving the goal.

Business Projects

Are intended to create ventures or that benefit only the designer. The collection can only be done with all-or-nothing mode and to involve the audience expects a reward system of different levels depending on the support received.

Avviamoci in questi casi applica l’8% del capitale raccolto come costo di gestione della piattaforma.

Charity Projects

These projects are designed to meet the needs of third parties or otherwise characterized by social or charitable purposes. In this category there are no rewards for supporters. For Charity projects Now applies a Commission of 6,5% how cost management platform.

Go Plus

To receive a further boost you can use Avviamoci plus, paid service which provides assistance and support in the creation and implementation of the project through targeted advice for any specific requirement of the project. Go team can help the designer to meet their various needs, that may be the presentation of the project on the portal, the design of rewards, writing the business plan, the tax assistance, corporate law, Finance and Accounts Department and more.


For supporters

The ideas collected by Now! need supporters. To become one of them simply register through our website and choose one or more projects that contribute. The sum is charged to the proponent on the payment service used and the designer shall enter into possession by 30 days from the due date; always if it's projects using the formula of simple donation, only if they reach the goal if it is all-or-nothing projects. If they fail to reach the goal the supporter sees the total amount repaid within 10 days.

Fees that apply only if the goal has been reached:

Business Projects: 5% + VAT and withholding tax if due + (1,4 % + 0,25€) to the transaction service of stripe.

Charity Projects (all-or-nothing): 3% + VAT and withholding tax if due + (1,4 % + 0,25€) to the transaction service of stripe.

Business projects the sums are made available to the designer net of deductions made by Now as Commission, While the amount is put in full Charity projects available to the designer and commissions are applied separately from donation.

Fees that apply in each case:

Charity Projects (keep-it-all): 3% + VAT and withholding tax if due + (1,4 % + 0,25€) to the transaction service of stripe.

Go plus: 5% target capital, or not is reached.


This service provides a personal and Designer support in the creation and implementation of the project by the team of professionals of Now and may consist of a consultation of various types depending on the specific needs of the designer. Go team can help the designer in several areas: communication of the project on the portal (Description, creating videos), conception of Rewards, writing a business plan, tax assistance, corporate law, Finance, Administration and accounting. Go Plus is possible only for projects characterised by all-or-nothing and has a cost of the 5% of capital that the designer aims to collect. The designer is required to pay that amount in any case, Although the project does not reach that threshold and not go so successful, within 30 days after the end of the fundraiser, after invoice sent from Go to the designer. Now Plus service is detailed in a professional mandate between the designer and Now, providing an amount expected of consulting hours, Depending on the size of the project and the areas above provided for.

By way of example:

– Objective ≤ 1.000,00 € = 2 consulting hours

– 1.000,00 €; goal ≤ 5.000,00 € = 5 consulting hours

– 5.000,00 €; goal ≤ 10.000,00 € = 10 consulting hours

– 10.000,00 €; goal ≤ 50.000,00 € = 15 consulting hours

– Objective > 50.000,00 € = 20 consulting hours


Here are the terms and conditions for the supporters.


Now S.r. l. is a company founded in 2016 with the aim of managing a Crowdfunding portal called Go. Aim of Go is to give a chance to those who have a bright idea to find the resources to achieve it through the publication of the project on the portal. Anyone can decide to finance an initiative which it deems interesting or valid without incurring any cost.

Now offers the ability to support many different types of initiatives, whose conditions are significantly different from each other. The proponents must therefore verify exactly the proposals, the existence of rewards or considerations, the terms and conditions of the project planning support. Finally, all supporters are welcome to participate in the activities of the community, sharing ideas, considerations and comments on each proposed project.

All those who wish to fund a Crowdfunding project (hereafter referred to as Supporters) must agree to the following:

1. To support a project simply register on the portal using a valid e-mail address and a password. Then you will be guided through the procedure of financing and conclusion of the agreement with the author of the project. Necessary condition for registration to succeed is that you accept the Privacy policy of the portal.

2. The Supporter to donate – in the case of charitable work and charity or reservation/purchase – must accept these terms of use at every point.

3. The donation or reservation/purchase made by the user on the Go platform in support of a project is actually charged to your credit card or other electronic payment service used by the user.

4. In case of All or nothing campaign, If at expiration determined the project succeeds, the amount reserved will be rotated within 30 days to the designer.

5. The solution envisaged – instead – simple donation, at expiration determined the sum donated by the proponent will always be charged and transferred within 30 days to the designer.

6. In the event of failure to achieve the expected goal in a project All or nothing, in 10 days after wrapping the rebate total amount on the card used to make a payment.

7. The threshold of individual users ' offers are fixed in euros 5,00 (minimum limit). You cannot place a bid of fractional amount.

8. Each user can make more than an offer in support of the same project or to support different projects.

9. The offer made by the user is merely a donation made in the case of support for charities and charity. While taking a cheap shop when they consider the reservation/purchase of goods and services of professional/commercial/economic initiatives. With it the user mature – in the first case – exclusively entitled to the reward promised by the designer in Exchange for donation. The reward is a well of low value identified by the designer. With this offer you do not acquire any ownership rights, or other right in rem or right of first refusal, the project that supports. Not even any rights of economic exploitation of sharing project that supports. Not even any intellectual property law, on the mark or patent or upon subsequent developments of the project into the future.

10. Do not create any contractual relationship between Now and the supporters, but only between supporters and authors of projects (The designer/s). Support economic activity – through the reservation and purchase of goods/services to business/professional/economic activities implies full and complete acceptance of the terms and conditions offered by the author of the Project, in the version in force at the time of acceptance of the payment.

11. Some forms of payments require the collection of information on the basis of anti-money laundering and the law. In such cases, the payment service manager is the Manager chosen by the Proponent, duly authorized to operate by supervisors. Now participates in the execution of the service, collecting data and documents required by the regulations in force and transmitting them to the handler, that is the only responsible for the execution of the service. In some cases, manage objections to the supporter of the boards. For the terms and conditions of payment services verify the provisions of the managers in their pages.

12. When the Proponent has accepted these terms and conditions of use, It is expected that everything was paid, is not refundable, If not with the request for a right of return to be exercised within 15 days from the signing of the commitment to pay.

13. It is the responsibility of the designer to extend the single Supporter cash receipt for your donation.

14. You can always close your user account by contacting the team Now asking for deletion.

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