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La BIBLIOTECA CAPITOLARE  di Verona si apre al Terzo Millennio  Campagna di CROWDFUNDING per sostenerla

La BIBLIOTECA CAPITOLARE di Verona si apre al Terzo Millennio Campagna di CROWDFUNDING per sostenerla

“Dallo Scriptorium Veronensis Ecclesiae passarono Dante e Petrarca, il figlio di Carlo Magno, Pipino e recentemente Papi e Presidenti della Repubblica. In questo 2017, “testimonial” della rinascita dell’istituzione è Ursicino, un amanuense che nel 517 ricopiò su pergamena, in bella grafia, le vite di San Paolo di Tebe e di San Martino di Tours, scritte da Sulpicio Severo nel IV secolo. Il Codice di Ursicino è giunto fino a noi in ottime condizioni, dopo 1500 anni esatti, compiuti lo scorso ...

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“The world's oldest library in Verona”

“The Chapter House and the 1500 years of the precious Code Ursicinus ”1 August 517”. A date, a friar ”fluffy” and the world's oldest library today. It could be the beginning of a new ”Name of the rose” (and indeed from these volumes also drew inspiration Umberto Eco). Instead it is the history of the Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona and code Ursicinus, the precious Tome of a hundred delicate parchment pages that in a few days will accomplish 1500 years. ”The Code – tells ...

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“Wwworkers Generation Camp 2017 between tradition and innovation. Tomorrow's job trends”

“Presented the 12 worktrends to the Chamber of Deputies. The trend declined in the excellence of made in Italy. That's why the tradition really can "speed up" innovation. The new Italian startups have centuries of history. And are far from hi-tech giants and the unicorns especially concentrated global in specific areas of the planet, from Silicon Valley americana to Israeli skyscrapers of Tel Aviv. The new Italian startups in practice they sink their business knowledge, the competence, into the secrets that have been handed down ...

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“Innovative startups: the new online editing mode of acts and statutes”

"Italy is a country choked by red tape". But also abroad companies are free, in 24 ore, with just one click ". “These are just a few of the clichés that the agenda of the Ministry of economic development is attempting to debunk: Thanks to the efforts by the Italian Government, the Italy is indeed come to adopt more than 80% of the recommendations elaborated by the Manifest Startup, winning a dignified (and amazing!) Silver Medal. Gold Medal for the Netherlands, but our country has exceeded the usual first ...

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“Funds for the work destroyed by bomb in ' 93”

  “(ANSA) – FLORENCE, 27 JUN – Fundraising on the web to be restored and put back in its place, in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Caravaggio's painting “The card players” by Bartolomeo Manfredi, reduced into a thousand fragments from mafia bomb explosion that on the night of 27 may 1993 caused the massacre in via dei Georgofili, also damaging the famous Museum and its masterpieces. And’ the goal of a terrorist is symbolically crowdfunding campaign’ carried out by Uffizi, Courier ...

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“H-Farm, 4.0 key enterprises and startups success collaboration”

“O'connell: for pmi digital is strategic to compete”   “MILAN, 3 LUG – “The collaboration between startups and companies is the key to success for the development of innovation in Italy”. He is convinced the editor of H-Farm accelerator programs, Timothy O'connell, explaining that “the Italy doesn't have a finance ecosystem that have the United States, Berlin or London, but it has big business”, which, opening youth innovation, “they only have to gain”. In turn ...

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