"The Italy is a country choked by red tape". But also "Overseas companies are free, in 24 ore, with a single click".

“These are just a few of the clichés that the agenda of the Ministry of economic development is attempting to debunk: Thanks to the efforts by the Italian Government, the Italy is indeed come to adopt more than 80% of the recommendations elaborated by the Manifest Startup, winning a dignified (and amazing!) Silver Medal. Gold Medal for the Netherlands, but our country has exceeded the usual leaders such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and France in the ranking of virtuous countries than in 2016 you are better approached the objectives set by the Poster.

The simplification, digitization and free mode of Constitution of startups are not factors specifically between the parameters of evaluating the effectiveness of national policies in support of the Fund startup, but they are nonetheless favor elements and, with regard to Italy, are suitably highlighted and positioned at the forefront of summary outlining the progress made at the level of the Italian regulatory framework in support of startups.

As is known, the Decree put 17 February 2016, acknowledging some "popular sentiment" that drove towards the liberalization of procedures for starting and managing corporate related startups, introduced in our system a derogation’art. 2463 Civil Code allowing the constituent acts (and related statutes) limited liability company, involving exclusively or predominantly, the development, the production and marketing of high-tech and innovative products or services for which registration is sought in the special section of startups, can be made out electronically and digitally signed without any genuine subscription. Using a customizable digital signature standard model, the procedure introduced to run an innovative company with a considerable saving of time and costs – estimated at about 2 thousand euros – compared to the traditional procedure with public act.

As you'd expect, the new simplified mode, access and digital for the creation of innovative startups in the form of s.r. l. He met immediately on behalf of entrepreneurs in innovative vocation. Among all the startups launched in 2017, almost 4 on 10 (39%) they used the new procedure; Indeed, as we read in the new quarterly report dedicated to the new procedures for setting up online innovative startups, at 31 March 2017 the innovative startups established and officially recognised as such and that availed themselves of this Constitution were already 404.

With the arrival of summer the Italy goes one step further towards simplifying and digitizing: the 4 last May the Director General for the market, competition, the consumer, supervision and technical standards, implemented to Decree of the Minister of economic development of the 28 October 2016 and therefore, starting next 22 June, at innovative startups formed online with digital signature is allowed to amend its articles of incorporation and bylaws under the simplified procedure. The arrangement was already envisaged by c. d. Investment Compact – where was established not only that the innovative startups can opt to turn himself in with digital signature, In addition to the ordinary public Act signed by a notary, but also that the memorandum and articles of association may be amended thereafter online according to a uniform adopted by Decree of the Minister of economic development – and it has finally been implemented in all its breadth of application.

The hope is that now the Italy maintains the leading position in ranking of countries most "startup" in terms of policies supporting innovative companies but also, and especially, that finally stops the vertices of the ranking, currently dominated by the United Kingdom, which takes into account not only favorable ecosystem but also the real economy and the scale of investment.”

By Sasha Petiole

Source: Altalex

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