“O'connell: for pmi digital is strategic to compete”


“MILAN, 3 LUG – “The collaboration between startups and companies is the key to success for the development of innovation in Italy”. He is convinced the editor of H-Farm accelerator programs, Timothy O'connell, explaining that “the Italy doesn't have a finance ecosystem that have the United States, Berlin or London, but it has big business”, which, opening youth innovation, “they only have to gain”. In turn the startup, “they only have to gain” in this report that allows them to grow. “Very often SMEs do not consider the digital key. Instead today to compete in the global world companies have to understand that digital is a strategic element for future success”, says O'Connell, adding that with the plan industry 4.0 begins to emerge this concept. To support the transformation of the Italian manufacturing industry, H-Farm, together with Cisco and some business partners, has created a path of acceleration (the program ' Industry 4.0 Accelerator '), during which 5 start up select work within partner companies. At the end of the programme “invite a hundred enterprises so that they learn to learn about new startups and their work”, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs to improve efficiency and business, through the Iot, big data and artificial intelligence.”

Source: ANSA

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